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The client had an inefficient website where the amount of content and outdated tools wasted too much resources, making the site slow and creating a bad user experience.

Given that the client had specific content management requirements, the previous administration system was not suitable for content management. In addition, it did not have the ability to manage the placement of advertisements.



Creating New Web Portal

Although visually same, was significantly technically advanced in terms of optimizing the speed and resources that the old version of high-traffic portals required.

The entire content placement process has been elevated to a higher level with a specially crafted solution that automates the drag and drop of content of various portals that (as its name implies) monitors.

Custom Plug-in

Since each portal has specific characteristics, it was necessary to allow the client to upload only the desired part of a post from a particular portal. For this reason, we have designed a new plug-in solution. It is a technical plugin that contains all the features of a website with check-boxes where you choose what you want to transfer from one website to another when it’s first published.

Ads and Content Management

Thanks to the international cooperation with Way To Grow, which specializes in managing advertising space / optimizing ad space on web pages, the system for displaying and managing banners (ads management) on the web portal has been significantly improved.

Due to the extremely large amount of content in the archive and on the page itself, through the optimization process, we have significantly reduced the resource requirements that this high-rate portal was looking for in its earlier version. This enabled the access to articles archived from the very beginning of the portal, and the automatization and further optimization of the way the portal pulls content from other information channels and social networks. It is now much easier for a client to manage content like editing comments from social networks.

All this is just the beginning because we are constantly working on many improvements and new functionalities for

The portal can be viewed at, and you can read more about our projects in the Plavi Pixel portfolio.