Years of experience in your favor.

Plavi Pixel, though being a relatively young company, is founded on the basis of many years of experience of its employees in providing a large spectrum of internet and related technical and marketing services.

About us

PLAVI PIXEL d.o.o. was founded in 2013 and operates in several fields, such as business consulting, education, creative marketing solutions and online business. Through its partnership with other companies and clients, it connects several projects, companies and associations which, with cover PR, counseling and education, website design, hosting, advertising and the promotion of the internet as an everyday business tool.

What others say about us…

I contacted Plavi Pixel to increase the visibility of the BNI brand through digital marketing. I had an issue which was really limiting for my business – the BNI franchise rules for digital marketing allow only the usage of BNI Connect, an internal system, which has outdated design and technology, and can not be adapted or modified.

Plavi Pixel has investigated the technology and the way other countries in the franchise deal with situations like this. After detailed investigation, Plavi Pixel has created a new website which contains all the elements needed and serves as a cross-platform between BNI Connect and social networks. Plavi Pixel also unified the website and offered it to other BNI groups as well.

Now, every post that we create is placed to social networks automatically through the cross-platform, which means that you only have to create one post for all platforms. That way, the time of promotion of our activities is decreased. The solution is given in a short time without complications and unneccessary explaining of every detail. The website opens quickly and looks appealing on all electronic devices. 

The results are amazing. Now, I immediately see BNI brend when I log in on social networks. I loved how the company came prepared to the meeting and was already familiar with the problem. It gave detailed, practical suggestions and I can gladly recommend this company and its way of doing business to other companies which are looking for fast, relevant results of their online presence.

Dace Ulste
Director, Ulste d.o.o

Plavi Pixel had my vision and mission shaped into a visual identity for which I immediately said: this is it! Not only me, but also all of my associates. In a fast lifestyle and business rhythm, where every minute counts, I choose to cooperate with them. There is no more waiting, everything is done within the deadline, even before it.

I appreciate my time, and so does Plavi Pixel. The quality of the service, its speed and promptness, trust and adaptability create an agency I would recommend and return to in my further business ventures.

Jelena Čevra
Director, Pyaar d.o.o.

Križna cesta 18 (entrance from Trnjanski nasip, Nivea building)
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Mon – Fri: 9 am – 5 pm

Plavi Pixel d.o.o.
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Founders / members of society
Marin Knežević – founder, member of d.o.o.
Authorized representative
Marin Knežević – director – represents the company individually and independently