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A’Marie is a renowned design brand that has been active in the Croatian fashion scene since 2004. It is owned by Anamarija Brkić-Višnjić, one of the most respected Croatian designers, and the collections of the A’Marie brand attract a lot of attention from the audience and the media.
Creating the A’Marie Web Store was a comprehensive and challenging project that required a high level of communication with a client, creativity and technical knowledge. A project of this type requires constant development and upgrades, all thanks to analysis of visitor behavior and careful monitoring of website analytics and, accordingly, application of this information for the purpose of improving the display of items and the purchasing process.

The A’Marie brand web shop did not meet the high demands of modern customers, and the client insisted on creating a modern and aesthetically pleasing web shop that would provide customers with a superior user experience.

The old web shop was extremely difficult to use due to indistinctly set categories and required lots of clicks from users, which made it difficult for potential customers to navigate the site.

Also, there was a problem with displaying the images. They were not laid out clearly, and often only a part of the whole picture was displayed, which is a big problem for any web shop, and especially for a shop aiming to sell designer clothes. Visitors need to be able to easily find the products they are interested in and get all the information they need, and we know that it is not said in vain that pictures speak more than a thousand words.


Creating New Webshop

We have created a new web shop with a responsive display for our client. Unlike the old web shop, this one has strictly defined categories of clothing, landing page and wishlist. We paid special attention to the display of web shop on mobile devices.
Information presentation is improved in comparison with the old website. The search for the perfect garment has to be a pleasant experience, so visitors of the A’Marie Web Shop can easily browse through all the items, and clearly indicate which collection is newer and which items are on sale.

The web shop is designed in cooperation with A’Marie to meet high technological and aesthetic standards. One of the most important things we paid attention to when creating the site was the quality of the photos. Photos have a primary impact on customers’ perceptions of product quality and are often the basis for purchasing decision, so high quality photos and their elegant appearance are at the forefront.


Confirmation of the quality of the new web shop came quickly, as the first morning after the launch of the new site there was a significant increase in web store traffic. For the client, we continue to monitor page traffic and visitor behavior so that we can continue to improve the functionality of the page.



Take a look at the A’Marie webshop at www.amarie-fashion.com.