Beauty Khaleesi



✔ website – design & development

✔ hosting and backup

✔ content editing and proofreading

✔ content management and maintenance

✔ graphic design – online and offline application

✔ secondary forms of communication – preparation for printing business cards, gift cards, flyers and salon stickers

✔ social media setup and management – Facebook, Instagram

✔ Facebook and Instagram advertising

✔ Google Ads (AdWords) advertising


For the newly opened, exclusive Zagreb beauty salon Beauty Khaleesi, we created a website, Facebook and Instagram profile, conducted promotional campaigns, and designed and produced promotional materials – business cards, vouchers, flyers and stickers for the salon.

Beauty Khaleesi will help many clients with their high-quality treatments and the use of modern technology. Their awareness of the need for quality representation in the digital world will be make them a successful business.

Creating New Website

We have created an attractive and responsive web site for Beauty Khaleesi, with an emphasis on maximum ease of use. A web site visitor should not waste too much time navigating the site, so we made all the information available with a few clicks.

This task required careful preparation and performance planning because of the large amount of content on the website. Each treatment is accentuated by its subpage, which is easy and intuitive to reach, without tiring the customers that drives potential clients away.

Social Media Setup and Promotional Campaigns

Just as a prerequisite for successful business is a modern website, so is the presence on social media. Facebook provides the ability to present services and provide information to clients quickly and directly, while Instagram is a great platform for presenting services and day-to-day work.

For Beauty Khaleesi we have created profiles on Facebook and Instagram that will serve to promote brands and services. Starting a local business in a competitive industry such as the offering of cosmetic and therapeutic services requires a promotional campaign that informs potential clients about the existence of a new salon and the advantages over the competition.

The opening of health and beauty center Beauty Khaleesi was accompanied by a promotional campaign for which we used multiple communication channels. Gathering followers and building community on social media is an interesting task that requires creativity, but also persistence and patience.

Content Management and Maintenance

When creating the website itself, we invested a certain amount of time in shortening, translating, and organizing the material that needed to be adapted for implementation on the site. Given that the client uses sophisticated technologies in business that the general public is not familiar with, it was important to present treatments in an easy to understand way when creating content. Thus, we have combined the simplicity and functionality of the website with clear and carefully crafted information that gives visitors a comfortable user experience on the page.

Secondary Forms of Communication and Promotional Materials

For Beauty Khaleesi, we have designed business cards and stickers for the salon. We also designed coupons that are part of salon opening promotional campaign.

Tasks of this kind are always interesting because they provide space for creative solutions. However, their complexity should not be underestimated, as we must not forget to maintain visual consistency when designing all materials.

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