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✔ new website

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✔ catalogue with ordering option
✔ content input and editing
HORA d.o.o. does construction, trade and technical protection. An important part of their business is the sale of door handles, locks, locking systems and bathroom accessories.

The customer had an inefficient website where the display of the offer items was extremely nonfunctional. It has a large number of items that have been divided into difficult to understand categories for the average customer.

The client’s offer contains a large number of items and their variations. The site used complex terminology and technical terms that customers often do not understand enough to easily and effectively find the products they need.



New Website

Website design was approached in such a way that a great deal of time was invested in preparing and understanding the needs of HORA Company.

For this reason, it was necessary to carefully analyze the market, monitor visitor behavior on the page, and adjust the content presentation to be understandable from a customer perspective. This way, visitors of the site can easily find the information they are interested in.

Another task was to place on the site all the items contained in the brand catalogues that the client represents, which required a thorough study and precise transmission of the listed specifications.

Special attention was paid to the presentation of door handles and accessories from the design collection of renowned Italian brands.


Landing Sites

We have made landing sites for a special category of products related protection and child safety in the home.

In addition to a simple and transparent presentation of the items, the sites also serve as a web shop catalogue with the possibility to order items through a web cart.


Content Editing and Input

For the client we also did a demanding job of editing and entering content from PDF catalogues and formats that were not intended for web page use.

However, we let the client have the ability to independently manage the content. Due to the complexity of the numerous variations and information related to each item, a great deal of effort has been made to keep the content management simple and clear at all times, even without special technical knowledge.


Internet Marketing and Advertising

✔ Analyzing and defining target audience

✔ Google AdWords advertising

✔ Facebook Advertising

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