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As the only scientific public institute in Croatia, the Institute for Tourism specializes in research and consulting in the tourism field. One of the oldest tourism institutes in the world marks the 60th anniversary with its international tourism conference, which takes place in November in Dubrovnik. This conference brings together academics and tourism experts who will look at the critical points of tourism in the future.
Although the task of the conference website itself is relatively simple and aims to inform visitors about the congress and to collect applications and registration fees from participants, a large amount of information and material appeared in the process of creation, which needed to be distributed and presented in a meaningful way.
Creating New Visual Identity
We have created an adequate logo in the shape of a colorful ball that symbolizes the world, and the four colors (yellow, red, green and blue) point to 4 key points of the conference and diverse countries that will attend it.

That way, in the logo we have linked the two main characteristics of the conference, its international character and the fact that it deals with the concept of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) in tourism, which denotes the complexity of the modern world and its unstable future.

Creating New Website
We have created a web site for the client with information about the conference and the possibility of paying the registration fee online. We achieved this project through event management agency Coral Group.

On the front page, we created a timeline with a CTA (call to action) registration button. It presents a chronological overview of important dates related to the conference, such as deadlines for submitting papers, registering for Early Bird registration fees, or for regular registration.

As always, great care must be taken in presenting information to the visitor. All key information, such as different dates and invitation to register, must be clearly visible and accessible no matter what device (PC or mobile) the visitor comes from.

We always approach our work so that we not only take into account the requirements of the client, but look at the design of the project from the perspective of the target group of visitors to whom the website is intended. This allows for easy page navigation, easy-to-read content, readable and visible information or call-to-action (CTA), no matter what device your visitors come from.

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