Odak Flooring and Interiors



✔ branding

✔ website

Odak Flooring and Interiors is a design, trade and interior design services company focused on flooring. Their target audience is hotels, casinos and business premises.



The company did not have appropriate branding. Specifically, they had an unrecognizable and impractical (inadequate) logo.

The website did not present the offer and services in an accessible way and it was confusing to the visitors.




New branding has been done and the appropriate logo was implemented to match today’s standards and be closer to the customers who are their target group. The logo clearly represents surfaces or floors, and this is achieved through the use of simple rectangular shapes. The colors match the focus of the target group – casinos, hotels and business premises. Yellow, which is associated with gold, burgundy-red, which prevails in luxury restaurants and casinos (association with red carpets), and blue, which is considered a business color.

New Website

The new website, unlike the old one, is completely transparent and responsive. There is a catalog on the page that shows existent offers.

The website design allows clients to access and view the catalog even through mobile devices. Each item has a form through which a query can be sent for specific information, such as object type, surface area and time required for performance. The catalog makes it easy for the customer to search for a product and service, and the site owner receives all the information about a potential order.

Secondary communication tools were developed: book of standards, business cards, memorandum, official mail signature and envelopes.

With the type of business (casinos, hotels) the client deals with, the first impression they make with their customers is important. For this reason, we have shaped their new identity to communicate professionalism and exclusivity.

Check out the site at podovi-interijeri.hr.