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The client discovered a lack of organic garlic on the market that was saturated with normal garlic and turned that into a business idea.

At the beginning of the business, the client needed to stand out in some way from many similar family farms that only have a branded name. Often, due to limited resources, family farms do not invest enough in branding, so they are not able to stand out in the market. Later, when their business develops, they do not find the time to deal with branding issues and are lost in mass.




Family Farm Knežević started as a family business without a specific strategy. With the branding process and well-developed brand strategy, they managed to stand out from other family farms and become recognizable in the market. The development of the brand included the creation of a logo, a website and utilization of a modern business model. We provide ongoing advice and support to the client and educate him on how to present his product and how to provide the best possible customer service.

Website Creation

Site visitors have an insight into the entire product offering and can place their order online. Each item has a separate form, which makes it easier for the customer to search for the product and buy it, and the client receives all the information about the order.

Secondary forms of communication have been made for the client: book of standards, logo, business cards and memorandum.

You can see the created website at garlic.bio.