✔ website – design & development

✔ hosting and backup

✔ editing and preparing web content

✔ secondary communication forms (preparation for printing business cards, memos and folders)

Pyaar is a new public relations agency whose name in Hindi means love, and through its name Pyaar is also the main reason for trusting in their qualities – love of PR. They will provide their clients with public relations, social media management, event management and creative campaigns services.
When a client is a company new to the market, it is an exciting opportunity to be creative and work on a project from the start, but it is also a great challenge. Agency work for a new client carries a high level of responsibility towards the client. We do not only want our client to achieve the fulfillment of the technical specifications from the cooperation agreement, but also to help him successfully position himself on the market through a well-done business.

For Pyaar we created branding and created a harmonious website. Branding must express the values ​​of the company in a creative way and fit into the website, which must be functional, attractive and modern.



We started the project with creating visual identity which has to be visible throughout all of the business aspects and represent the brand and its values. The company is positioned on the market through visual identity so it is extremely important for it to communicate the right messages.

Creating branding for Pyaar was a challenging and interesting task. We started with creating logo in which we combined the name of the company with its meaning – love. When creating a logo, a special attention has to be given when connecting the meaning and esthetic in a clear way.

Creating the Website
Visual identity we created is apparent throughout the whole web site. Color chosen for the site is soft orange. When creating a web site like this one, it is important to set up the right hierarchy of information.

We’ve put the emphasis on simplicity with esthetic value and compliance of visual identity and functionality.

Preparation for Printing
With branding and web site, we also designed and graphically prepared for printing secondary communication materials – business cards, memo, planner and mugs.

You can check out the web site on link