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The purpose of the project is to make it easier for people with disabilities and to encourage them to play sports. The project is financially supported by the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union, and seven European countries are involved: Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia.



The task was to design a page that would provide people with disabilities sport related information, the locations of clubs, institutions and generally all sports-related services, thus making it easier for them to find sports activities in the club that best meet their personal preferences and needs.

Considering that this is an international regional project, the development of the web site was a real challenge and required the cooperation of several persons from the countries participating in the project and arrangements at the international level.

When designing the website, it was necessary to respect accessibility standards, which means it has to be accessible to persons with disabilities.



As a solution, we have offered a website that allows people with disabilities to easily find sports venues that are tailored to their needs. Sports objects of interest can be found simply by searching for a location or sport of interest.

Additionally, we have offered a mobile app because of the ever-present need for fast and easily accessible information through mobile devices. We made a related mobile web application that interested users can download and get information about the locations of sports facilities in their environment even faster.

The plan is to organize a Facebook campaign for the project that, over the course of 2 months, must get 5,000 followers and 1,000 shares on a regional basis.

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