Zagreb Dance Centre by Nicolas


✔ website – design & development

✔ hosting and backup

✔ content editing / graphic design

✔ SEO 

✔ social media management (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

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✔ consulting

✔ 360° virtual dance center walk

✔ copywriting – content maintenance and management

✔ full service agency services

✔ Facebook and Instagram advertising

✔ Google Ads advertising

✔ rebranding (BRAND DESIGN d.o.o.)

✔ secondary forms of communication (preparation for printing business cards, brochures, memorandums, signatures, envelopes, gift cards and other materials)


Zagreb Dance Centre by Nicolas provides recreational and sports dance lessons. It is one of the leading dance centers in Zagreb and the whole Croatia, and our cooperation has been going on since 2008.


In addition to the old and unclear web site, there was often confusion in communication with the audience because of the similarities in the names of the Zagreb Dance Center and the Zagreb Dance Center (by Nicolas).

For this reason, we have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to make rebranding that will achieve recognition in relation to other dance centers. Despite the sentimental connection the client had with the name so far, we advised our client to refresh the name in order to improve the image.

Creating New Website

We renewed the website for the first time back in 2009. The next version was made in 2014 as part of a rebranding, and in 2017, the site was once again refreshed to match modern standards.
Due to the intense work dynamics and frequent changes in the offer of the Zagreb Dance Centre by Nicolas, in accordance with the agency’s maintenance obligation, we are constantly updating and improving the website, both in content and technology.


In order to prevent confusion in the public, we offered the client a step up from previously unrecognized name that was often confused with the existing ZPC (Zagreb Dance Center). Given Nicholas’s popularity, charm, charisma and numerous appearances in the popular TV show “Dancing with the Stars,” we have proposed a rebranding of the dance center business. In 2014, through the rebranding of the Dance Center Zagreb, it was renamed the Zagreb Dance Centre by Nicolas.
The demanding job of consulting and leading through the entire rebranding process was successfully done in cooperation with BRAND DESIGN d.o.o

Copywriting, Content Management and Maintenance, Content Editing

70% of the Zagreb Dance Centre by Nicolas participants found out about the centre online, thanks in large part to our engagement and professional leadership of online activities through many years of collaboration. It is of utmost importance for their business that the web site and associated online channels (social media and advertising) are kept up to date. That’s why we’re responsible for publishing all of the content: price list updates, course schedules, groups, and creative campaigns for a variety of occasions throughout the year.

Landing Pages

Although the presentation of certain services from the ZDC by Nicolas offer cannot be called a classic “landing page” example, each one of them works completely independently.

In synergy of simple but attractive presentation of content, relevant information and promotional activities that bring the interested client directly to the service for which they queried earlier through the Google search engine, the site simultaneously provides the opportunity to quickly select and book the desired course.

Material Editing, Updating and Content Entry

We often receive and process a large number of written and photo materials from the client on a daily basis. We prepare them in a creative way for various internet channels, from websites to social media. We always pay special attention to the specifications and rules of each one of these platforms so that the posts reach the target audience.

Internet Marketing and Advertising
✔ Google Ads (AdWords)

✔ Facebook

✔ Instagram

✔ Twitter

✔ analysis and defining target audience

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