We finished the project of branding and made a website for International Tourism Conference Dubrovnik, an international conference on problems in modern, so-called VUCA world tourism organized by the Institute for Tourism. The Institute for Tourism is the only scientific public institute in Croatia specializing in tourism research and consulting, and with this conference the Institute celebrates its 60th anniversary.


Emphasis on Functionality and Simplicity of Usage 


The conference website is functional and informative, dominated by the views of beautiful Dubrovnik, the conference host city. The site clearly provides information to visitors, and through the site registration of participants and submission of presentation materials are possible.

Having multiple options when signing up and paying a registration fee can be confusing for users, so we simplified navigation as much as possible by placing a clear and attractive timeline on the cover that tracks important dates.


Branding and Challenges of Creating Visual Identity


Besides website, we have also been working on branding for the conference, and a designed visual identity is present throughout the website. Creating a visual identity is always a challenging and interesting task because it requires thinking about numerous factors, such as aesthetics, user experience, and the ability to use visuals in a variety of formats, from the website to promotional materials.

The project of branding and website design was made with mutual satisfaction, and the key of the performance was understanding the client and his needs, created by open communication. If you want to take a look of the website we created or even register for the conference, visit International Tourism Conference Dubrovnik, and overview of our other projects is always available in our portfolio.