Months long cooperation with the first Croatian web portal, the legendary, has resulted in the creation of a new, technically and functionally upgraded web portal.

The monitor retained its original structure and appearance, while the backend was modernized and adapted to the specific needs that the client had. The renowned portal remained the same in appearance. However, it has been significantly technically improved in terms of optimizing the speed and resources that the old version required. We reduced the need for resources thus saving the client money needed for expensive server the old version demanded.

In partnership with WayToGrow, an international company specialized in web advertisement optimization, the banner management system – ads management – has been significantly improved.

The entire content placement process is elevated to a higher level with a specially crafted solution that automates the drag and drop of content of various portals that, as its name implies, monitors. It also provides access to articles archived from the very beginning of the portal.

The portal can be viewed at, and more about our projects can be found in the Plavi Pixel portfolio.