News from our creative lab! In collaboration with the Bonar School of Music, which organizes the Zagreb Guitar Festival and brings together classical guitar festivals across Europe through the Eurostrings project, we have created the Scorer application, an innovative online scoring system.


Scorer – Modern and Fast Scoring System


Scorer is a cloud and web based scoring platform with wide application to competitions of different profiles, which aims to provide fast and reliable scoring. Referees at various competitions can use this app on their smartphones and tablets to vote in real time. Result processing is instant, no matter how complicated the scoring system is.

In designing of the concept, we’ve put the emphasis on simplicity of usage. Given the different user profiles the platform is intended for, simplicity is necessary for the functionality of the app. The user interface is visually clear. Depending on the specific needs, it is possible to show ratings for various stages of the competition, information about competitors, their performance and many additional features.

At the time of writing this text, Scorer is in the pilot phase. To the satisfaction of all involved, it was successfully tested in the competition section of this year’s Zagreb Guitar Festival, and a few days later at the competition in sports dance. After the successful premiere, the next stage further development of the app, with the intention of gaining wide commercial usage in music, as well as other competitions.

Continuing Cooperation with Bonar Music School and Zagreb Guitar Festival


Cooperation with Zagreb Guitar Festival continued through upgrading of the official website for this year’s edition of the festival. Last year we created visually attractive and modern websites for the Zagreb Guitar Festival and for the international platform of the classical guitar festival Eurostrings and this year we created a way for ZGF to display the schedule of events on the page.

The festival hosts competitions, workshops, concerts, Eurostrings conference and related events, which made it difficult for visitors to navigate through information. That’s why we’ve come up with a clear and responsive way to display the event schedule.

The Scorer app will certainly be in the organization of many competitions, and we will write about it as the project evolves. You will have to wait for the next edition of the Zagreb Guitar Festival until next year, but you can check out the Zagreb Guitar Festival or Eurostrings platform websites. You can also read more about projects in our portfolio.