Q Intelligence agriculture d.o.o. is a company that engages in the production and distribution of dietary supplements field which are based on animal medicinal mushrooms. The products are recognized in the rest of the world and the company is focused on exports. We created a modern web shop that enables pleasurable user experience to the customer. We also applied actual web standards and technology.

The web shop review contains product images with the description of their natural ingredients and effectiveness. Even though it contains only two main products at the moment, the system we have created is modular and easily expandable. By introducing new products and services on the market, the web site will be easily adjusted to new content. It will also offer an up to date web shop with the adequate catalogue display of products.

The webshop we created is multilingual as the product export is mainly focused on the global market. Currently, the website can be displayed on four languages – Croatian, English, German and Spanish. It even has the possibility of adding new ones, if needed. The background of the web shop contains a B2B system intended for registered business partners that allows the allocation of special benefits and discounts, depending on the size of the order. The project has been successfully implemented. You can view and order products from the Petmagiq webshop on petmagiq.com.